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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is critical for all medical providers and their business partners and affiliates. We operate in compliance with all federally mandated HIPAA rules. We protect patient health information in a variety of ways including using proper formatting for claims files, and encryption for other electronic data. If your practice needs help reviewing policies and procedures to assure compliance, we are happy to assist.

Customer Service

Our passion is to provide the highest level of professional, respectful interactions and communication. Responsive customer service is an integral part of our business modal. We strive to provide a welcoming experience with every interaction, and timely knowledgeable responses to inquiries. Your time and interest is valuable and we understand that. We also pride ourselves in building the professional reputation of the providers we serve by the skilled professional way we assist their patients.

Billing Services

Medical billing and A/R management can be complicated, time sensitive, and demanding. Those are reasons why many providers choose to assign their billing needs to a trusted partner. We can provide solutions in an experienced and timely manner. We would like to free you to focus on patient care. Allow us to tend to your accounts, and take care of your billing and A/R needs. We do not employee offshore staff, so you will not need to worry about your information streaming off shore. All of our services are provided here at home, in a safe and secure environment.

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